Please note that Goolwa Airport is a privately owned and operated ALA and receives no assistance from Council, State or Federal Governments. We endeavour to keep fees and charges as low as possible and appreciate your custom.

  • AVGAS, JET A1 & PULP98 : At current pump price. Cash, Credit or Debit Cards (Credit will attract a 1.05% additional cost. There is no charge for Debit Accounts).
  • Call Out Fee MAY apply for after hours (6:00am to 8:30am/5:00pm to 8:00pm : $50+GST, 8:00pm to 6:am : $100+GST) - Phone Geoff on 0427 812 422 or Richard on 0415 470 240 or the office on (08) 8555 4030
  • Fees – fees may apply for the use of facilities as a contribution to airport operation and maintenance costs. Charges may apply to landing, departing, training or other activities. Note: A night fee for lighting of $42+GST applies (Light Activation Fee of $42/hour + GST - minimum of one hour. Additional time will be charged on a part thereof basis, i.e. 1.5 hours will be $63+GST, 1.1 hours will be $46.20+GST etc.)
  • Fees must be paid by cash or credit/debit card immediately - no accounts will be given unless by prior arrangement.
  • Normal charge rates will be calculated on a dollar per tonne basis using the aircraft maximum take-off weight as published by CASA. Current rate is $14.50/tonne + GST. Discounts may be available for multiple use, please arrange with management prior to operations.

    NOTE: As RA-Aus will no longer pass on Landing Fee charges all RAAus aircraft must obtain prior

    permission before conducting any operations* at Goolwa Airport as required by law.

     RA-Aus & HFGA registered aircraft will be charged a flat fee of $10.00 per usage provided that it is paid immediately.

     Fees must be paid by cash or credit/debit card immediately - no accounts will be given unless by prior arrangement.

     *Any operation that attracts a landing fee.

  • Basing Fee per aircraft located in Airpark Goolwa. - Includes landing fees and maintenance fees for an aircraft based at Airpark Goolwa. - $750.00 + GST per year.
  • Parking Fees will be charged on any aircraft staying overnight or longer –-
  • Single Engine Aircraft – $9.09 per night + GST
  • Twin Engine Aircraft – $13.30 per night + GST
  • Jet + Turboprop A\C - $25.75 per night + GST
  • Permanently Domiciled Aircraft $100.00 + GST per calendar month if outside (on grass).

   Overnight Hangar spots may be available, call for details and pricing.


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