Please note that Goolwa Airport is a privately owned and operated ALA and receives no assistance from Council, State or Federal Governments. We endeavour to keep fees and charges as low as possible and appreciate your custom.

  • AVGAS, JET A1 & PULP98 : At current pump price. Cash, Credit or Debit Cards (Credit will attract a 0.85% additional cost. There is no charge for Debit Accounts).
  • Call Out Fee MAY apply for after hours (6:00am to 8:30am/5:00pm to 8:00pm : $75+GST, 8:00pm to 6:am : $150+GST) - Phone Richard on 0415 470 240 or the office on (08) 8555 4030
  • Fees – fees may apply for the use of facilities as a contribution to airport operation and maintenance costs. Charges may apply to landing, departing, training or other activities. Note: A night fee for lighting of $55+GST applies (Light Activation Fee of $55/hour + GST - minimum of one hour. Additional time will be charged on a part thereof basis, i.e. 2 hours will be $110+GST, 1.1 hours will be $60.50+GST etc.)
  • Fees must be paid by cash or credit/debit card immediately - no accounts will be given unless by prior arrangement.
  • Normal charge rates will be calculated on a dollar per tonne basis using the aircraft maximum take-off weight as published by CASA. Current rate is $16.50/tonne + GST. Discounts may be available for multiple use, please arrange with management prior to operations. Rotary wing aircraft conducting training will be charged  on an hourly basis or part thereof. Small aircraft (< 4000kg MTOW) are charged $45.00 per 1000kg per hour +GST.
  • Training: All training to be conducted at Goolwa Airport must have permission from Goolwa Airport Management before the start of operations.

    NOTE: As RA-Aus will no longer pass on Landing Fee charges all RAAus aircraft must obtain prior

    permission before conducting any operations* at Goolwa Airport as required by law.

     RA-Aus & HFGA registered aircraft will be charged a flat fee of $10.00 + GST per usage provided that it is paid immediately.

     Fees must be paid by cash or credit/debit card immediately - no accounts will be given unless by prior arrangement.

     *Any operation that attracts a landing fee.

  • Basing Fee per aircraft located in Airpark Goolwa. - Includes landing fees and maintenance fees for an aircraft based at Airpark Goolwa. - $750.00 + GST per year.
  • Parking Fees will be charged on any aircraft staying overnight or longer –-
  • Single Engine Aircraft – $13.00 per night + GST
  • Twin Engine Aircraft – $20.00 per night + GST
  • Jet + Turboprop A\C - $35.00 per night + GST
  • Permanently Domiciled Aircraft $120.00 + GST per calendar month if outside (on grass).

   Overnight Hangar spots may be available, call for details and pricing.


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