Goolwa Airport

P: (08) 8555 4030

M: 0427 812 422 or 0415 470 240

E: or

PO Box 445, Goolwa, SA, 5214


CTAF - 126.95

35° 28.9S, 138° 45.1E, Variation 8° E

Altitude 104’

FIA 130.45 (in circuit) WAC 3458, 3459

Whats at Goolwa Airport...

Phone 0448 148 490

Phone 0448 148 490

Call Lyndon on 0417 802 964

When you arrive...

Goolwa Airport Conditions of Use:

Airport Rules.pdf     Airport Map.jpg    Airport Map NE.jpg

  1. Goolwa Airport is a Private Airport on private property (including the car park). Please follow the above links for a copy of the Airport Rules, and the corresponding map.

  2. All users of the Airport, including those people visiting the various businesses located on the airport must obey all rules (see above).

  3. Prior Permission is required to use the airfield. This allows us to inform of any runway closures, special conditions etc. A quick phone call is usually all that is required.

  4. Please note that runways can be closed without prior notice and will not be marked as such.

AVGAS, Jet A1 & PULP98: Available 7 days 8:30am to 5:30pm local, at other times please call Geoff Eastwood 0427 812 422 or Richard Eastwood on 0415 470 240

  1. Some fees may apply, please see our Fees page for further information.


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