Goolwa Airport

P: (08) 8555 4030

M: 0427 812 422 or 0415 470 240

E: or

PO Box 445, Goolwa, SA, 5214


CTAF - 126.95

35° 28.9S, 138° 45.1E, Variation 8° E

Altitude 104’

FIA 130.45 (in circuit) WAC 3458, 3459

Latest News...

******* GREAT NEWS *******

01/02/2018:    The first house in the Goolwa Airpark is under construction! The area has been cleared and once the soil tests have been completed the slab will be poured. A hangar on the block is also about to start construction. We expect that now the first house is underway the blocks will sell fast, so if you are interested then we suggest you get in quickly to secure the best blocks first at the introductory low price.


03/06/2015:    All the main works for the power are now completed. All that is needed now is for SA Power Networks to connect up the new Supply Box and energise the transformers.

01/04/2015:    Runway 09/27 is back to it’s full length as the trench has been completed. We are still waiting for SA Power Networks to connect the electricity!

01/12/2014:    Currently the electricity is being installed to the first 10 blocks of the Airpark Development. Runway 09/27 has been shortened by 50 metres due to the trench. Once the cable has been laid the runway will be restored.

22/08/2014:    The Goolwa Airpark is go! The land division has been approved and survey work is being conducted. Internal roads are being made and soon electricity will be delivered to the blocks. Due to the internal roads some of the taxiways have been changed, see the revised Airport Layout via the link on the home page (click on the little airport map).

12/06/2014:    Goolwa Airport is waiting on the final sign-off for the Land Division (it has only taken 10 months!) so hopefully development can start soon in the residential area.

01/06/2014:    Goolwa Airport is currently upgrading its taxiways with road base in preparation for spray sealing. At various times taxiways may be un-available, please check prior to landing for further information.

01/08/2013:    Goolwa Airport has now been rezoned as an Airport with residential capability. This means the Airpark is one step closer. Currently we are applying for a land division to create a Community Title for the residential areas. We are also currently getting the electricity infrastructure designed and approved. The first stage will consist of ten blocks and with the amount of interest shown the will sell quickly.

28/05/2013:    All taxiways are now serviceable and have been marked with yellow cones. Holding points are marked with double cones. Please use the taxiways at all times and exit the runway as soon as possible. The cross over of runway 09/27 with 01/19 has been upgraded making 09/27 more “user friendly”. Other construction work is still on-going so please be aware of vehicles moving over the airfield.

06/03/2013:    Construction and upgrading of taxiways, internal roads and water management has begun. Unfortunately, due to the very dry summer there is a fair amount of dust around. We hope to have the taxiways covered in road base and spray sealed as soon as possible.

14/11/2012:    The CASA AvSafety seminar will be held on the 14th of November at the Goolwa Airport. A light meal and refreshment will be available. To register please please follow this link: AvSafety and register online. Of course, you can just roll up but we would like some idea of numbers for catering purposes.

17/09/2012:    The Alexandrina council has passed the motion to allow the Goolwa Airport DPA to proceed to the SA Planning Minister for final approval. This means the Goolwa Airpark is now not far away. We will keep you posted on the progress, which will hopefully move along a bit faster now.

19/03/2012:    There are only five hangar sites left (3 15x15 and 2 12x12) so if you are looking to put up a hangar at Goolwa then you will need to be quick.
                     The Airport Rules have been amended, please see the "Services & Conditions" link to download a PDF of the rules.

03/11/2011:    The Development Plan Amendment (DPA) for the Goolwa Airport/Airpark is now in for Public Consultation. Please help with the continuing viability of the Goolwa Airport by submitting positive support for the change with the Alexandrina Council. Submissions should be addressed to General Manager, Planning & Development, Alexandrina Council, PO Box 21, Goolwa, 5214 and should clearly indicate whether you wish to be heard in support of your submission at the public meeting. You can lodge your submission electronically, please email it to marked attention General Manager Planning & Development. The Public Meeting will be held on Tuesday 24 January 2012 at 7.00pm.

09/08/2011:    Hangars are continuing to go up. There are only 10 sites left, so if you are considering a hangar, you may need to hurry to avoid missing out.

09/08/2011:    The Bonanza Association will be holding a Fly-In on October the 14th. Come along and have a look and talk to the owners of these wonderful aircraft.

09/08/2011:    Coming Events -On November 12-13, 2011 there will be a Fly-In with the SonexAus Group ( holding their 2011 Regional Flyin. There are now 19 Sonex flying in Australia and 71 under construction. Around the world there are now over 350 flying with more than 1,500 under construction. We hope to attract at least 10 aircraft for the flyin and the SonexAus group would like to welcome all visitors to come and view completed Sonex, Waiex and Xenos and talk to builders about these aircraft. More details can be found at There will be several prizes given out at the dinner, with a special surprise going to one lucky Sonex pilot who flies in for the event.

16/12/2010:    The runway extension is now complete. Total sealed length of 01/19 is now 1350m.

01/11/2010:    Construction/repair work is starting on the southern end of Runway 01/19. The 370 metres of gravel is being extended to 550m and will be eventually sealed. This will provide over 1300m of sealed main runway. The runway can still be used during the construction phase, the bitumen and grass overrun to the north still provides 950m of useable runway. There is also the grass strip directly to the west of the bitumen which is over 900m long.

19/08/2010:    The 30th hangar at Goolwa Airfield will be erected this week. The hangar belongs to Ed Herring, the CFI of Goolwa Recreational Flying School.

13/08/2001:    Three new aircraft have taken to the air for the first time this week. The Swearingen SX300, a 300+ horsepower two seater, a new light weight RV4 built by Mal Brooks and a Xenos powered glider owned by Steve Nelson and Chris Dearden.

03/08/2010: The latest ERSA is out so please note that as of the 26th of August the CTAF frequency for Goolwa will be 126.95.

21/07/2010:    Goolwa Airport is now home to the Goolwa Powered Parachute Centre. Please call us for more information regarding powered parachutes, including training and BFR's.

07/06/2010:    The Goolwa Airpark DPA has been approved by the Alexandrina Council to be passed on to the Minister for Planning for public and agency comment.

22/02/2010:    The Goolwa Airpark has progressed to the next stage of Council Assessment and so we are now calling for expressions of interest for the Goolwa Airpark. Please email Geoff Eastwood at "geastwood at chariot dot net dot au" and if you can provide your name, address, phone, aircraft reg and email we will place you on the list. Please come in and see Geoff in regards to the latest plans and development schedule.

10/02/2010:     A discreet VHF frequency is being applied for for the Goolwa CTAF. With the addition of the Goolwa Recreational Flying School it has become apparent that a separate frequency will greatly enhance safety, especially in regards to the commercial operations located at Goolwa.

01/02/2010:    Due to Skydive operations we now ask that aircraft do not join the circuit on the dead side or make mid field cross wind joins. The Skydivers landing area is set to the west of runway 01/19 while all circuits are conducted to the east. This allows aircraft to conduct normal operations whilst the skydivers are operating and provides the required safety distance. If you are inbound to Goolwa and are unsure of current operations please call Goolwa Unicom, currently on 126.7